LED Heliport Beacon "H Flashing"

This light is used as Heliport indentification beacon in accordance with ICAO standard. The sequence of flash is the H morse code.

The lightemitting diodes are only used with a part of the Nominal current operated. Thismakes the prescribed luminous intensity for the duration of more than than 100000 operating hours. The control electronics for the LED is a separate module,which is mounted in the control cabinet. The distance of the controlelectronics from the fire is irrelevant, since the module corresponds to thecable path regulates the voltage and current, which is necessary for optimaloperation of the light. Thisensures a high degree of reliability and service-friendlinessof the entiresystem. As supply line to the light is in any case a use shielded cable toavoid damage caused by lightning strikes .In addition, the light is equippedwith pressure compensation elements to prevent the formation of condensation. Errormessages are made via potential-free Contacts.


  • LED light engine
  • Protection class IP66
  • 2 stage beacon
  • Multilevel light output (3% - 10% - 100%)
  • Fresnel Optics
  • Universal power inpiut
  • 110~250Vac
  • Overload protection integrated

Compliance & Certifications

  • ICAO Annexe 14, Volume II

Light colors