Radio controller for Helipad - Airport

The ARC-357system is designed to operate on airports or Helipad where Air Traffic Services are unavailable.

When aARC-357system is in service on the airport (or the helipad), the pilot is able using its own aircraft VHF radio equipment to remotely control the airfieldlighting (AFL) equipment such as :Approach, PAPI, Runway, Taxiway or otherlights and beacons). The ARC-357system allows to remotely control AFL, to switch on and up to three brilliancy levels. As

Universal potential free output relays (connect and control any system with the ARC-357

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  • VHF Radio Controller
  • ICAO, FAA L854
  • 118.00 to 136.975 Mhz
  • 8.33 KHz or 25 KHz
  • 3 levels (3-5-7 pulses)
  • Delivered with cable and antenna
  • Made in Switzerland

Light colors