Dimmable power supply - Brightness regulation system

The LBR II DA power supply is designedto control and regulate up to 35 inset or elevated LED lights. Brightnessregulation is in accordance with the ICAO Annex 14 Vol II. This system is “plug&play” justconnect the input power (230V) and connect the output (4x2.5mm2) to the lightscircuit. Once connected, it will immediately work. In case of power supply failure, a dry contact relay will switch to alarm mode. Brightness regulationcan be easily operated using a 4 position switch.

This system allow to obtain allnecessary feature on the Helipad using a simple and small sized power supply.The LBR II DA is designed to be installed directly on a electrical panel or in a independent box.

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  • Small sized with high power factor
  • Industrial grade power supply
  • Very simple instalation and use
  • Alarm in case of failure
  • Power up to 35 lights
  • universal ~110-250V input
  • Easy control usinge 4 positions switch
  • Light level: OFF-10%-30%-100%
  • DIN Rail integration
  • Voltage drop on the line automaticaly compensated per lights (non-voltage dependend)

Light colors