NVG Enhanced

Every day more and more pilots and crews use Night Vision Googles (NVG) for night operations. The cost of NVG is constantly decreasing and makes it accessible to more pilots and helicopter companies.

Available now on all Aerolighting products

Aerolighting have made all of their LED and incandescent lights upgradable to be compatible with Night Vision Googles (NVG).

With a traditional lighting system, the good "reading" of the heliport by the pilot is not guaranteed. The main cause is that the Night Vision Google amplifies residual light at night but doesn't render colors. Following this observation, Aerolighting has developed and produced a "NVG Enhanced" lighting system.

Composed of a complex LED light engine, this system is optionally available on our products. We use an optically complex diffused InfraRed LED engine specially developed for this application. The NVG Enhanced lights by Aerolighting are perfectly detected by pilots using Night Vision Googles. Used by experimented pilots around the world, our system is shown to be 10 times more efficient than standard systems. Furthermore, our technology ensure that pilots flying without Night Vision Googles not to be disturbed.

On our helipad lights, the InfraRed and the visible lights can be independently controlled, providing an efficient solution to activate both types of light on a single unit. This system makes flying with Night Vision Googles easier and safer.