Heliport control box

Helipad control panel

The “Heliport controllerbasic” contain all necessary material to regulate and control AerolightingiControl/DA system. Power supply, iControl/DALImaster controller, 4 position control switch and multiple input/output aredirectly installed and wired into an electrical box.

This system is “plug&play”just connect the input power (110~230V) and connect the output to the lightingcircuit (4 wire cable). Once connected, it will immediately work, notadditional setting or configuration are required. In case of power supply orregulator failure, a dry contact relay will switch to alarm mode. Brightness regulation can beeasily operated using a 4 push button (or input contact)

This system allow to obtainall necessary feature on the Helipad using a simple and small sized integratedsystem. Additionaly, 230V our dry contact relay can be integrated to control other systems.

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  • Plug & Play
  • Low form factor
  • Power supply and brightness regulator integrated in factory
  • Easy connection
  • Multiple circuit
  • On demand additional circuit
  • Control with: push button, rotary switch
  • Over current protection


  • Diferential protection
  • GSM-SMS control system
  • Touch-screen
  • Stainless steel case
  • Heater

Light colors