Elevated LED light for Helipad (<50mm)

The HeLowis a low profil elevated LED light that comply with the 50mm rules of the ICAOAnnex Vol II (2022). This light is ideal for a plateform instalation.

The HeLow simply fixesdirectly to the ground. There's no need to install a flush-mounting base. Itcan also be easily mounted on an aluminum deck. The HeLow can also greatlysimplify upgrading your existing installation. The cable exit is on one side. Alower cable output is available as an option. It also includea InfraRed light source for pilot flying with NVG. The HeLow series is theresult of over 20 years of Aerolighting experience in the design andmanufacture of aviation lighting. Its waterproofness, mechanical resistance,the care given to the photometry, the simplicity of the installation, thepossibilities of digital control/monitoring make it the ideal product in mostsituations.


  • Elevated LED Light (<50mm)
  • Very strong design
  • Integrated InfraRed for NVG (in all versions)
  • Power: max 15W (White)
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Brilliancy control: 10%-30%-100%
  • LED Lifetime: > 80'000 hours
  • Power supply: 48-72VDC / (110-230 VAC and 6.6A with external IP67 dirver)
  • Fully compatible with iControl-DA
  • Made in Switzerland


  • Aluminium (standard version)
  • Stainless Steal A4 (316L)

Compliance & Certifications

Photomertics standard:

  • ICAO Annex 14, Vol II (FATO, TLOF, Taxiway, Airming point, Flight path alignment guidance markings and lights)
  • EASA CS-HPT-DSN Issue 1 2019
  • CAA CAP437: Perimeter light
  • DGAC-STAC V4 (STAC certification for France)
  • FAA : Exceeds FAA Engineering Brief 87 Specifications
  • FAA EngineeringBrief 98 Dec 2018
  • FAA AC150/5390-2C Apr 2012
  • DIN EN IEC 62471:2009 : InfraRed saefty
  • IEC60598-1 :2020

Light colors